"Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind." --Leonardo Da Vinci

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LoVe ---Haha
2005-03-06 @ 03:07

You learn a lot when you fall in love.
This is my newest realization. When you love someone you really learn who you are and who everyone else around you is. You come to appreciate and respect things about yourself that before you hated. And when someone loves you back you learn even more. Its almost painful to love someone though. You think about nothing else, can't focus, can't remember, can't decide. Just desire, only passion. Excrutiating.
But no regrets. Its almost beautiful.
He's beautiful, he's perfect. So deserving of his dreams.
And as much as I HATE that I can say it: I love him. And I'm a mess.

"I see you when I'm sleeping
Etched upon my mind
All these constant questions
With answers I can't find
It's hard enough to say
Whenever you're around
My mouth forgets the words
I'm left without a sound

I think I've almost got this down
In my head
Goes round and round
I think I've almost got this down
So I say

Every time you're near
A part of me gets weak
Like once before I mentioned
Impossible to speak
Don't know what it is
It happens all the time
My mind is stuck on stumble
I'm left without my line"